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iMetaSearch Makes Google Better

Most people go to a search engine, such as Google, and look at the first page or two of search results, hoping to find what they're looking for. This usually works for casual searching, but it can get very tedious for in-depth research when you're scanning many pages of results.

iMetaSearch takes a different approach to working with search engines - an approach that can save you time and frustration, and make your time on the search engines much more productive.

Please take 3 or 4 minutes to take the iMetaSearch tour, and learn how this unique software can help your business, your career, and your sanity. Okay, maybe not your sanity.

Take the iMetaSearch Tour!


iMetaSearch can help you save time and find better results by gathering results from many search engines and then using a powerful new method called Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to:

Locate Great Results – you can create personal relevance scores based on results you like. How? Simple, just mark the result and iMetaSearch will update and sort relevance scores of all results. Marking more results gives iMetaSearch a better and better idea of what you’re looking for, so it can “zero in” on your best results.

Untangle Conceptual Groups – search results naturally fall into conceptual groups or categories. These groups are typically all mixed up when Google and other search engines show results. iMetaSearch uses LSA to discover and untangle these groups so you can quickly find promising results.

iMetaSearch screenshot showing personal relevance and color groups


iMetaSearch Free

iMetaSearch Pro

How do I get it?

download button

What is the Cost?

Free Upgrade to Pro for $47 USD

Search Engines Used

Google Google + 11 other search engines

Results per Search

20 no limit

Save Time by Grouping Similar Results

yes yes

Get Better Results with Personal Relevance

yes yes

Find Related People and Websites

yes yes

Zoom In/Out on Groups and Words

yes yes

Export Searches for Analysis

yes yes

Track Changes in any Search

yes yes

Runs on

Windows Me/NT3/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

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